What is Social Media Marketing? | 2020 Updates

social media marketing

Social media is a growing marketspace in which both buyers and sellers live actively in it. Social media marketing has an opportunity to reach more potential customers within various user channels (smartphone, laptop, iPad etc.), compared to traditional marketing channels. It is an inevitable fact that organizations, clubs, universities, business companies and individuals benefit from social media channels in order to reach more and more people.

Today, nearly 90% of US companies with more than 100 employees have social media presence for marketing tasks and operations. Additionally, 50 million businesses use Facebook actively, moreover, 2 million businesses are using Facebook advertising. On the other hand, 88% of businesses use Twitter for marketing purposes.

Social Media Marketing Concept

It is a requirement to understand what social media marketing is before examining the impacts and roles of social media on marketing. In today’s world, numerous evolved definitions about social media emerges because of the rapid changes in everything.

Social media marketing can be defined as a dialogue generally triggered by consumers or business or product or services that circulate amongst the stated parties to set in motion a revealing communication on some promotional information for the purpose that it enables learning from one another’s use and experiences, benefitting all of the involved parties.

Another social media marketing definition by Tuten and Solomon says that social media includes the utilization of social media technologies, channels, and software is to create, communicate, deliver, and exchange offerings that have value for an organization’s stakeholders. These definitions for social media marketing emphasize how the social media marketing concept is broad, including a plenty of activities and actors.

Many researches revealed that social media become one of the most effective and influential phenomena in people’s social, commercial, business, educational, and even political life.

Social network sites, consumer review sites, content community sites, wikis, Internet forums, and location- based social media are main components for social media.

Companies adapt to use media in order to distribute information with text, photos, videos. The main aim behind this situation is that companies are trying to get more positive social judgements and user trust via using actively social media platforms.

At the last of this section, the benefits of social media marketing are summarized as follows. First, social media marketing helps to improve visibility of brand or company, as well as loyalty to the brand or company.

Besides, social media marketing strategies provides perfect opportunities to interact with people or users. The last thing which has a great importance for the companies is that social media marketing allows the companies to decrease marketing costs.

social media marketing

How Social Media Campaigns are successful?

In todays’ business world, companies have a great attention to use social media channels and applications in order to create brand awareness and emphasize their brand values.

Today, almost every company has one or more social media channels for reaching people by announcing campaigns, news and developments belong to brand. Many firms carry out their promotional campaigns with social media in order to get insights about customer experience, perception, awareness, knowledge, preferences, intention to buy, and actual purchasing.

Although the success of social media campaigns depends on different factors based on sector and applications, there are numerous success parameters for social media campaigns to be successful. Some of them are listed as below.

Success Parameters for Social Media Campaigns

  • Deep understanding of social media
  • Allocation of resources for planning, production and promotion
  • Clear and accurate identification of goals based on previous findings from analyses
  • Timing
  • Online and offline promotion of the campaign with advertising and public relations
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Great attention to emotions
  • Visitor relationship and support services
  • Provision of relevant information on the destination in all stages of visitor’sdecision process
  • Novelty
  • Continuous improvement of all basics of the campaign

The success parameters mentioned above are considered as common parameters that are valid and commonly used in marketing for every sector. These have a great role on every stage of campaigns from the idea to offering to the public.

Innovation is a key factor to attract people’s attention in social media marketing. Also, social media allows to create innovative ideas coming from different social media platforms to the company.

Creativity has also the same effect on companies. Deep understanding of social media becomes a critical requirement to determine customers’ needs and expectations in order to offer effective marketing campaigns. As in every sector and projects, allocation of resources for planning, production and promotion is an important requirement to achieve efficient and effective social media marketing campaigns.

So, the determination of goals and outcomes based on previous findings from analyses becomes another important successful factor in the development of social media campaigns. The rest of successful parameters have similar or the same purposes in social media marketing campaigns.

There are main components for the basis of social media marketing. It is important to assign the right roles within organization for the purpose of creating the appropriate customer online experience and to create a successful online business within marketing program.

Key Considerations on Social Media Marketing

There are five key considerations about the impacts of social media on marketing.

• Identification of the consumers’ real needs and expectations

The ability to know the needs and expectations of customers is one of the most important factors and it will help companies to sustain their positions in the marketplace for the future.

Customer in the rapidly developing and changing world have many options and opportunities. In order to attract customers and create brand value, companies can produce successful campaigns by determining real time needs and expectations based on past customer behaviours with the help of forecasting models.

• Research and development activities

Research and development activities have a significant role in the implementation of innovative and creative thoughts in social media campaigns and adaptation of new trends.

• Increase in competitive intelligence implementations

Competitive intelligence applications become the most appropriate applications, allowing the usage of big data, and measurement of key performance indicators in social media campaigns.

• Business value enhancement

Because of the rapidly changing and competitive business environment, business value enhancement is a value that should be performed for each activity and operation not only in social media applications but also in almost every business. It has a great role on every operation from the planning stage to the implementation stage in social media campaigns.

• Redefinition of customer relationship

Customer relationship has become a significant area, since the changes in customer concept has been a forcing factor that encourages the companies to develop new strategies and plans in the customer relationship. Therefore, redefinition of customer relationship affects the social media marketing.


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