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Social media marketing: Companies do advertising in social networks and communities to reach out to their audience and attract their attention. Viral marketing or online word-of-mouth messages are closely related to this. Here, content is shared or messages are forwarded to gain awareness and in some cases to drive responses.

The Internet and online-based social media have changed consumer consumption habits by providing consumers with new ways of looking for, assessing, choosing, and buying goods and services. Therefore, companies had to engage in digital marketing activities along with traditional marketing activities.

The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing defines digital marketing as follows:

Applying digital technologies which form online channels to market to contribute to marketing activities aimed at achieving profitable acquisition and retention of customers through recognizing the strategic importance of digital technologies and developing a planned approach to improve customer knowledge (of their profiles, behavior, value and loyalty drivers), then delivering integrated targeted communications and online services that match their individual needs.

Digital marketing tools are divided into six main groups:

• Search engine marketing: Search engine marketing is to place messages in the search engine to encourage the user to click on the website when a particular keyword phrase is typed. Two key search marketing techniques are pay-per-click payouts or sponsored links, and placements on natural or organic listings that use search engine optimization at no charge for clicks from the search engine.

• Online PR: Online public relations is to maximize the positive words of companies, brands, products, or websites on social media networks, blogs, podcasts, or third party websites that are likely to be visited by the audience. It also includes responding to negative words and public relations through a site, for example, through a social media news center or a blog.

• Online partnerships: Online partnerships are to create and manage long-term regulations to promote online services through third-party websites or email communications. Link building, affiliate marketing, price comparison sites, online sponsorship and co-branding are examples of online partnerships.

• Display advertising: Display advertising is to use online ads such as banners and rich media ads to ensure brand awareness and promote clicks on a target site.

• Opt-in email marketing: Opt-in e-mail marketing is to rent e-mail lists or place advertisements into third-party e-newsletters, or to use an in-house listing for customer activation and retention.
social media marketing

Social media marketing

: Companies do advertising in social networks and communities to reach out to their audience and attract their attention. Viral marketing or online word-of-mouth messages are closely related to this. Here, content is shared or messages are forwarded to gain awareness and in some cases to drive responses.
Chaffey and Ellis-Chaddwick (2016) examined social media marketing tools in ten main groups.

• Social networks: Social networking sites are web-based services that enable individuals to create a public or semi-public profile on a limited system, add a list of other users to whom they share their links, and view and traverse their list of connections. Examples to social networking sites are Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

• Social publishing and news: Social publishing and news are almost all newspapers and magazines, whether they are large or niche and now have an online presence with the option to join articles, blogs, or comments about communities.

• Social commenting in blogs: A company blog can be the center of social media strategy.

• Social niche communities: Although social niche communities support subgroups, they are communities and forums independent of the main networks.

• Social customer service: Social customer services are sites such as companies’ own customer support forums and are becoming increasingly important in responding to customer complaints.

• Social knowledge: These are reference social networks like Yahoo!, Answers, Quora, and Wikipedia.

• Social bookmarking: The purpose of social bookmarking is to store and archive acclaimed content in social media. If a company’s site or any subject on the site is published and archived on the necessary bookmarking sites, it will provide a power to the site in terms of authority and SEO. Research made by We Are Social in partnership with Hootsuite investigates digital around the world in 2019. The some important results of the survey are as follows:

• According to the research results, 56% of the world’s population is urbanized while this rate in USA is 75%.

• The unique mobile subscriber rate in the world is 67% while this rate in USA is 93%.

• The rate of internet users in the world is 57% while this rate in USA is 72%.

• The rate of active social media users in the world is 45% while this rate in USA is 63%.

• The rate of mobile social media users in the world is 42% while this rate in USA is 53% kind in USA.

social media marketing

According to results of the research, it is seen that digital consumption in USA is over global average. Another result of the research is that in USA most active social media platform is YouTube while Instagram and Facebook are following YouTube respectively. Social media audience profile in USA was also investigated in the research. According to results the most crowded age group of social media audience is 25-34 with the rate of 33% while 35-44 age group is following with the rate of 25% and third most crowded age group is 18-24 with the rate of 24%. Thus, in terms of age, 18-44 age group is the main social media audience in USA. One of the most noticeable results of the research is that USA is the global leader in terms of Instagram’s addressable advertising audience, compared to population aged more than 13 with the percentage of 58% where worldwide average is only 15%.

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