David Dobrik Net Worth 2020 The Latest Update

David Dobrik Net Worth

David Dobrik is a Slovakian American on-screen character, online life character, and vlogger. David Dobrik net worth is $7 million. He is most popular for his effective Vine account (presently outdated) and YouTube channels. He is one of the most-mainstream and most generously compensated YouTubers on the planet.

David Dobrik NetWorth

David Dobrik Net Worth

David Dobrik is one of the most famous YouTubers and influencer, however he didn’t arrive over night. Truth be told, he put in a ton of work to get to this point. Conceived on July 23, 1996 in Košice, Slovakia, David’s family moved to Illinois when he was six. He didn’t make his first YouTube video until 2015, when he was 16. From that point forward, his vocation has exploded, and he is currently worth a considerable amount of money.

David can express gratitude toward YouTube for his notoriety — and fortune. In the previous five years, David has collected just about 17 million endorsers, with every one of his recordings getting somewhere in the range of 6 to 26 million perspectives. Nailbuzz predicts that David makes about $24,000 every day from advertisements on his recordings on that channel. He likewise has another channel, David Dobrik Too, which flaunts 7.6 million endorsers and Nailbuzz says those recordings acquire $4,750 per day.

David Dobrik NetWorth

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Early Life

David Julian Dobrik was conceived on the 23rd of July, 1996, in Kosice, Slovakia. He has two more youthful sisters, Ester and Sara, and a more youthful sibling Toby.

His sister Ester additionally has a YouTube channel, yet David isn’t exceptionally strong of her vocation decision, and he has wouldn’t advance her channel on his internet based life.David Dobrik NetWorth


For David everything began on April 3 2013 when he posted his first video cut on Vine. The application was known for six second parody recordings which included tricks, draws and sing offs.

Having arrived at a better than average measure of supporters on Vine, David chose to begin making You Tube recordings. Joint effort channels were exceptionally mainstream at that point, so he joined a channel called Second Class, which was controlled by five others.

Developing in ubiquity because of Vine and a cooperation channel, David made his own channel toward the finish of 2014, called David Dobrik.

He at that point chose to make a Vlog Squad that would assist him with making more achievement. David’s hard working attitudes and inventive altering style had before long paid off and he increased over a million endorsers in a year.

In 2017 he chose to make his subsequent channel called David Dobrik Too. On it he would post recordings that are inconsequential to his satire productions. David Dobrik Too comprises of bloopers, challenge recordings with his better half Liza or Q&As. In under a year he figured out how to draw in 4.6 million individuals to that channel.

Starting at 2020, David Dobrik net worth is generally $7 Million dollars.David Dobrik NetWorth


Here are the absolute best features of David Dobrik’s vocation:

13.9 Million Subscribers on YouTube (2019)

“We Broke Up” (YouTube Video, 2018, 57 Million Views)David Dobrik Net Worth

Most loved Quotes from David Dobrik

“I was making like $1,500 or $2,000 per month and I was thinking, ‘I’m stacked! I can’t accept this.’ I would go to Jimmy Johns consistently and now and again get two #5 Vitos (sandwich suppers) since I didn’t give it a second thought!” – David Dobrik

“I met Liza Koshy around that time and she was shooting a video blog and I truly enjoyed that it was a little camera and you could simply record your entire day. That was so cool! I shot my first video blog and I think it worked in light of the fact that I wasn’t attempting to make it work. I was simply doing it for my own happiness.” – David Dobrik

“In case you’re in it for the cash, it is extremely unlikely you will ever make it! Never. That won’t get you there by any stretch of the imagination. I simply made fun video with my companions. That is the key.” – David Dobrik

“You Tube is impermanent. It resembles, ‘To what extent would one be able to keep this up for?’ And that is the reason I do interviews this way. Since perhaps somebody will watch this and find me a line of work as a chief at a cinema one day.” – David Dobrik

David Dobrik Net Worth

3 Life Lessons from David Dobrik

Since you thoroughly understand David Dobrik’s total assets, and how he made progress; how about we investigate a portion of the exercises we can gain from him:


At the point when your prevailing business center is to convey ridiculous measures of significant worth to your clients each time they work with you, they become obsessive devotees who educate the world regarding what you do.

Be Happy

To get fruitful, first figure out how to be glad. Too many feel that the course to satisfaction is to get fruitful. False.


Genuine pioneers have the guts to have the hard discussions.


David Dobrik has almost 14 million endorsers on his YouTube channel and furthermore had more than one million devotees on Vine. Dobrik was assigned for a Streamy Award for Audience Choice Creator of the Year in 2017.

Starting at 2020, David Dobrik’s total assets is $7 Million dollars.

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