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Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp, one of Hollywood’s big faces, is an extremely successful actor who has played in 60 movies to date. But there are some movies that they disguise and almost do not know him. Here are a few examples of these iconic characters.

Willy Wonka

Johnny Depp
Charlie has a very different makeover and hairstyle in the role of the factory owner Willy Wonka, which he starred in the movie Chocolate Factory. Do you think the blunt straight hair does not give Johnny a different feel?

Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp - 2
Jack Sparrow is the most adventurous pirate the world has ever seen. Moreover, he managed to steal the hearts of all women for a period of time with his long hair, beard and never getting tired.

Edward Scissors

Johnny Depp - 2
Edward Makaseller, created by Depp and Burton, both makes us laugh and sad in the movie. But what is that haircut? As if someone has to teach Eddy to use scissors.

Mad Hatter

Johnny Depp - 2
Tarrant Hightopp, Alice’s closest friend in wonderland, so as we know it, the Hatter is definitely very stylish with the hats she wears on her orange and curly hair!

Barnabas Collins

Another iconic character from the legendary Depp and Burton duo: Barnabas Collins! Understanding of the outdated hairstyle that he is a vampire, Barnabas should immediately change his hairdresser. What do you think?


Johnny Depp
Anyone who has watched this movie, starring with Angelina Jolie, has left her heart on the food invitation scene (or Johnny Depp’s extremely charismatic hair and beard).

Gellert Grindelwald

Johnny Depp
Finally, Johnny Depp, who gave life to the character of Gellert Grindwald in the Fantastic Beasts Series telling about the past times of the Harry Potter universe, once again proves that charisma has nothing to do with age.

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